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Unleaded Petrol 95 (Coastal), Unleaded Petrol 93 (Coastal and Inland), Lead Replacement Petrol 95 (Coast) Lead Replacement Petrol 93 (Inland), Diesel (0.05), Jet A-1, Illuminating Paraffin, Marine Gas Oil, Marine Diesel Oil. All fuels sold and distributed by Lehoko Energy will comply with the standards as set out by the “South African Bureau of Standards” SABS;

Automotive Diesel Fuels: SANS 342:2006                           Unleaded Petrol: SANS 1598:2006

Product datasheet                                                                       Product datasheet



Leaded Petrol: SANS 299                                                             Oil and other Lubricants

Product Datasheet                                                                          Product Datasheets




Lehoko Energy will always seek to undertake an investigative analysis and testing consultation when required, to resolve problems that might be experienced on site. We use highly qualified Engineers and state-of the art laboratories from our Manufactures to provide the same. The call out fee is billable, as per standard in-house Professional Services rate, unless you’re on our affordable SLA program.

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Lehoko Energy offers a wide range of comprehensive fuel management solutions, aimed at cohesively centralizing and enhancing fuel reporting capabilities, by enabling managers the opportunity to keep track of their fuel consumption whilst concentrating implicitly on their core businesses.


We wish to give our clients a holistic solution. White labels are often in need of a face-lift, with over 10 years in the industry, our Construction and Consulting expertise flow seamlessly with such entities. We have a variety of C&C end – to – end comprehensive solutions to get your retail site up and running again.

Continuously changing targets with regard to international emission standards complicate matters for the manufacturers of agricultural machinery and engines.

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