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“Lehoko Holding was founded on the basis of vast opportunities in the private and public sector, Also, the lack of young black entrepreneurs in the mainstream business that was historically privy to a few. Nonetheless, through commitment and resilience, today, we can proudly anchor any viable business in any economic terrain.

  • lehoko Holding

    Lehoko Holding has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any job.

  • Lehoko Fibre Optic

    Being a South African and 100% Black owned Construction & Fibre Optic Company Lehoko Holding has been building and doing maintenance in schools and around Gauteng under Gauteng Department of Education.

  • Lehoko Properties

    Looking for property, ?

  • Lehoko Energy

    The core of our business is the distribution of energy. The combination of our expertise and presence in markets in the SADC region enables us to identify optimal solutions for our clients.