Company Overview

“Lehoko Holding was founded on the basis of vast opportunities in the private and public sector, also, the lack of young, black, previously disadvantaged entrepreneurs in the mainstream business. Nevertheless, through commitment and resilience, today, we can proudly anchor any viable business in any economic terrain. Furthermore, through persistent preponderance in always putting our hand up first, to what has seemed to be the most difficult of projects, it in the same tone, we today, are SA’s most preferred licensed wholesale supplier of petroleum products – License number: W/2017/0179.

This year, 2017 – we’re delighted to welcome a new-venture into our family of companies, our newest member; Lehoko Energy. It is also through the same, that, we aspire to remain consistent with our commitments which are enshrined in the Dept. of Mineral and Energies Charter on Petroleum that requires us to transparent in our operations and certainly resilient in our motive.

This milestone achievement serves testament to our philosophy that says “there’s no hard work that goes without reward”

At Lehoko Energy, our core business comprises of the wholesale supplies of petroleum products; petrol, diesel, oils and various lubricants. We also engage in the marketing, professional services and the distribution of the same. Lehoko Energy services SOEs, the transportation, construction, mining, aviation and commercial sectors as a whole.

As such this is the year we celebrate the manifestation of a 100%, Level 1 BEE Contributor, Fully Black youth owned business: Lehoko Energy, a principal wholesaler of petroleum products in Southern Africa” Thabang Legoko, CEO.


Ours is to establish a dynamic, new role-player within the petroleum Wholesale environment, servicing the SOEs, Marines, Mines and multinational conglomerates across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Ours is to provide world-class service and products to our customers. This will be achieved by the effective implementation of a network of trusted local and international manufacturers, individualized branding options and skills development programs.

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